Pharos V8: The World’s First Laser PCR® Platform

Open Platform
With the Pharos V8 Universal Assay Kit you have the power to develop
assays you need on an open platform, without the limitation of a fixed menu.


Ultrafast Results
The Pharos V8 is powered by Laser PCR® technology to achieve
heating and cooling ramps a million times faster than conventional
PCR, delivering ultrafast results in 10 – 100 µl reaction volumes.


Intuitive Interface
The Pharos V8 features an intuitive interface with easy-to-use
software that can also be accessed remotely through any
connected computer.

Technical Specifications
• Plasticware: 8-strip PCR tubes
• Optimal amplicon length: < 100 bp (up to 150 bp possible)
• Multiplexing: 3 channels for fluorescent detection
• Size: 26 x 50 x 37 cm (W x D x H)


Universal Assay

The Laser PCR Universal Assay allows users to create their own assays in-house, without the limitation of a fixed assay menu. In the Universal Assay, gold nanoparticles are conjugated with a universal adapter, which binds to an anchor sequence on the PCR primer. Primers anneal to target sequences in the Laser PCR® reaction, and anchor nascent amplicons to the nanoparticle. Conjugated nanoparticles are provided as part of the Universal Assay Kit. Just add an anchor sequence to your existing primers and you’re ready to run your assay now in about 10 minutes or less.



Assay Adaptation Services

GNA Biosolutions also offers adaptation services for the Pharos V8, which deliver a ready-to-run assay that can be further evaluated in your hands. Customers who wish to become experts with our platforms and technologies are welcome to join us for an in-depth Laser PCR® training. For more information please contact


Please note:
All products are for Research Use Only. Not for diagnostic purposes.