Pharos V8: The World’s First Laser PCR® Instrument

Powered by innovation
The Pharos V8 is different, from the inside out.
Conventional PCR platforms rely on thermocyclers
that limit the speed of the reaction.


Pulse Controlled Amplification (PCA) is a breakthrough platform
technology developed by GNA Biosolutions.


The Pharos V8 is powered by Laser PCR®, a PCA technology

designed for time-sensitive molecular applications.

Built for Speed

Ultrafast PCR to speed up your workflows
The Pharos V8 was created to go beyond the boundaries of today’s conventional PCR platforms, delivering results in 10 minutes or less. The Pharos V8 lets you benefit from cutting-edge PCA technology that combines high detection sensitivity with unparalleled speed.


Designed for Flexibility

The results you need with a universal assay kit
We designed the Pharos V8 assay chemistry to let you create the lab-developed test you need with a simple, easy to use Universal DNA kit that delivers accurate, reliable results across a range of target genes, including bacterial, viral and human genomic DNA and high sensitivity even in large reaction volumes (100 μl).



Technical Specifications

• Plasticware: 8-strip PCR tubes
• Optimal amplicon length: < 100 bp (up to 150 bp possible)
• Multiplexing: 3 channels for fluorescent detection
• Size: 26 x 50 x 37 cm (W x D x H)