Pharos V8


For lab-developed tests
The Pharos V8 is our first commercially available platform,
based on Laser PCR®, a Pulse Controlled Amplification (PCA)
technology designed for time-sensitive molecular
applications in the laboratory.

Technical Specifications
• Plasticware: 8-strip PCR tubes
• Optimal amplicon length: < 100 bp (up to 150 bp possible)
• Multiplexing: 3 channels for fluorescent detection
• Size: 26 x 50 x 37 cm (W x D x H)

Built for Speed
The Pharos V8 is built to go beyond the boundaries of today’s conventional nucleic acid amplification platforms, delivering real-time results in 10 minutes or less, and LODs as low as 2 copies per reaction.

Designed for Flexibility
The Pharos V8 is an open platform that comes with an easy-to-use Universal DNA kit suitable for bacterial, viral and genomic targets and reaction volumes from 10-100 microliters.


Universal Assay
The Universal Assay lets you create your own assays in-house, without the limitation of a fixed menu. In Laser PCR®, gold nanoparticle thermal cyclers are PCR-enabled through the addition of a universal adapter, which binds to an anchor sequence on PCR primers. Primers annealing to target sequences anchor nascent amplicons to the nanoparticles.


PCR-enabled nanoparticles are provided as part of the Universal Assay Kit. Just add an anchor sequence to your existing primers and you’re ready to run your own ultrafast assays, with real time results in 10 minutes or less.




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