GNA Biosolutions Announces Leadership Change

GNA Biosolutions announced today that Managing Director and CEO Dr. Frank Krieg-Schneider will be transitioning into an advisory role at the company, following the successful completion of strategic goals which enabled the launch of GNA’s first commercial platform for ultrafast molecular testing. Dr. Krieg-Schneider’s responsibilities as CEO are reverting to the founding team.


“It has been a great privilege to work alongside this highly skilled and enthusiastic team” said Dr. Krieg-Schneider. “Together we have taken a great journey that has brought GNA as a company to the next level. This is a company and a technology that will change the way we think about what is possible in molecular testing and I look forward to seeing the team’s continued success.”


Dr. Krieg-Schneider joined the GNA management team in 2016 with the mission to establish a commercialization strategy and to strengthen strategic industry partnerships. During his tenure, GNA launched a laboratory-use platform implementing the company’s proprietary Pulse Controlled Amplification (PCA) technology, the Pharos V8, as well as a Universal amplification kit. Building on this commercial experience, GNA will next bring to market a low-cost, Point-of-Care platform for molecular diagnostics with an infectious disease menu.


“We are grateful to Frank for his collaboration, leadership, focus, and dedication,” said Dr. Federico Bürsgens, co-founder and Managing Director. “Our work together serves as a strong foundation as we move forward to the next strategic phase and launch of our Point-of-Care system.”