The instrument for Laser PCR®
and Nanostove® detection

• Turn-around time in about 15 minutes
• 5x faster than competitors
• Ease-of-use
• Near-patient testing
• Less sample preparation
• Simple cartridge for each panel assay

About Pharos400

The Pharos400 fully integrates ultrafast DNA amplification (Laser PCR®), as well as a robust and sensitive endpoint detection (NANOSTOVE®). The user can easily operate the instrument via the built-in touch-screen. The samples do not need a sophisticated preparation, and can be injected into the cartridge after a crude lysis within a reaction buffer. Each measurement, including a comprehensive set of technical parameters, is recorded in a state of the art database in the instrument. This enables LIMS-connectivity, quality assurance, and usability features like remote control from a tablet PC or smart phone.

Complementary assay cartridges

The complementary assay cartridges for the Pharos400, comprising up to 8-plex tests per panel, are a simple and cost-effective means for ultra-fast pathogen detection.


With our device, time critical
molecular tests are now a lot quicker

Pathogen detection with a new breakthrough technology: GNA develops assays for various applications where speed matters, e.g. medical diagnostics, biosecurity, food safety, and infrastructure surveillance.
Our assay pipeline comprises a Hospital Aquired Infection Panel (with Staphylococcus aureus/ MRSA/ …), an Antibiotic Resistance Panel, and further infectious disease tests.


Patients can be screened right at the clinic’s reception, thanks to rapid turn-around-time]


Detecting biosecurity threats as quickly as possible


Enabling rapid molecular tests for infrastructure surveillance and airport security in the case of an epidemic]


Ultra-fast testing of food batches