Pharos V8: The World’s First Laser PCR® Instrument

The Pharos V8 is powered by Laser PCR®, a patented molecular technology

designed for time-sensitive molecular applications.


In Laser PCR®, a high-powered laser is used to selectively heat

PCR-enabled gold nanoparticles in solution.

Repeated laser pulses control the speed of

nucleic acid amplification.


The Pharos V8 delivers ultrafast PCR to speed up your

workflows – with real time results in 10 minutes

or less and high sensitivity in large volumes.


GNA Biosolutions: Beyond molecular boundaries

GNA Biosolutions is a molecular technology company creating sample-to-result applications across medical diagnostics, biosecurity, food and water safety, agriculture and life sciences. We develop instruments, OEM modules, and ultrafast molecular tests based on proprietary technology protected by a comprehensive patent portfolio. Our vision is to bring the power of molecular technology to any environment. To get there we are building ultrafast, accessible and useful molecular testing platforms, for the lab and the real world.