Pharos V8: The World’s First Laser PCR® Platform



Thank you for joining us at Medica 2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany!

We have launched the Pharos V8, the first instrument with

ultrafast Laser PCR® technology.

GNA Biosolutions: Beyond molecular boundaries

About us
GNA Biosolutions is a molecular technology company specializing in sample-to-result applications across medical diagnostics, biosecurity, food safety, and life sciences.


What we do
GNA Biosolutions develops instruments, OEM modules, and applications for ultrafast molecular assays based on proprietary technologies protected by a comprehensive patent portfolio.


Our Mission & Vision
We founded GNA Biosolutions to bring the power of molecular technology to any environment. To achieve this, we are developing technology platforms that deliver ultrafast, reliable and actionable results for our partners and the people who count on them to have the right answer, at the right time.

How to contact us

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+49 (0)89 998207 180